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About Us

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It all began with a book—not a holy book, not even a published book, a cookbook/memoir which Bonnie Jones, Denise Koek and Phil Anderson laughed and labored over for nearly a year. This book, “The Chef’s Wife,” was seasoned with the savory details of Bonnie’s life as an executive chef’s wife, peppered with Chef Phil’s delectable recipes, and filtered through Denise’s wacky kaleidoscopic condensing lens.

For some inscrutable reason, when the book was completed, the publishing community did not arrive at their respective doorsteps with bouquets of flowers, begging them for the right to print this masterpiece. Like any good self-promoters, the dynamic trio began to brainstorm about how to create a “platform” for their juicy manuscript.

For many years, Bonnie and Denise had crafted short films, screenplays and videos, including “Uncle Chef,” a children’s cooking show, which featured Phil as the lead and the two of them as a succession of goofy characters. Perhaps it was inevitable that they would create yet another food-based entertainment. Before long, the ideas were percolating like a bracing cup of java and “The Chef’s Wife” was reincarnated as a cooking/talk show.

In the course of a wild, food-drenched, laughter-soaked weekend in Vegas Bonnie, Phil and Denise (joined by ace director and all-around creative guy, Rob McCaskill) solidified the concept and auditioned for guests at the American Culinary Federation convention. They cast the crème-de-la-crème of culinarians for their first block of episodes. Phil, Bonnie and Denise have high hopes for this gourmet gig and crave many future seasons of food and fun. As a civic-minded organization, "The Chef's Wife" supports WTVI and many other PBS affiliates.