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My Organic Origins

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By Phil Anderson

During the late 1980’s I worked as a chef at Gelson’s Markets, an up-scale grocery chain in Los Angeles.  My habit—then as now—was to read constantly in order to keep abreast of the “goings-on” in my industry.  One subject that appeared repeatedly in my culinary magazines and journals was the emergence of the “organics movement.”  Simultaneously, I began seeing more food labeled “organic.”

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Dessert Wines

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By Larry Hanzo

During the holiday season, many people like to prepare and serve a complete, gut busting dining experience which usually includes a fabulous dessert. And, if you're really going for the brass ring, you'll want the absolute best wine match for the dessert.

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Thanksgiving and Wine

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By Larry Hanzo

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches we revelers are faced with the familiar quandary--"What to serve with the celebratory dinner?" While there are no quick, easy or definitive answers, there are guidelines that will help make the decision easier.

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By Beth Jones Shields

I have just gotten out of the movie “Julie & Julia,” and I’m walking on Cloud Nine, thinking about how lovely Julia Child was and how much she loved life and her husband and FOOD, and I’m visualizing myself in my kitchen, cooking the most wonderful Thanksgiving-esque dinner with roasted chicken and savory vegetables, served alongside creamy whipped potatoes and followed by a perfect pumpkin pie.  My loving family is so thankful to have Betty Crocker for a Mom, and we are all well fed, satiated, and happy.



Banquets of the 1500s

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The Bard and the Banquets of the 1500s

By Bonnie Jones

I’m a huge fan of William Shakespeare —I’m enamored of every aspect of the man’s life and works.  A deep, abiding love of theatrical history fuels this fascination.  I teach a variety of acting/drama classes and it takes an abundance of facts and trivia to keep my 9 to 13-year-old students engaged.  It’s always an exciting experience for me to introduce spirited children to the plays and concepts of Shakespeare.  (Like any fanatic, I live to indoctrinate others.)  In the course of our studies, they begin to envision The Globe Theatre and Elizabethan England with a contagious enthusiasm that colors every facet of our joint educational experience.

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