Strawberry Recipes - Recipes from the California Strawberry Council

Have you muddled yet? This trendy technique for blending drinks creates perfectly juicy and flavorful cocktails that will delight your guests.

This non-traditional take on pizza will have your tastebuds exploding with savory goat cheese and strawberries marinated in a white balsamic viniagrette.

The sharpness of the Pecorino cheese, combined with the peppery arugula, complements the velvety texture of the Fava beans in this salad.

This award-winning recipe serves up salmon with a sweet and savory fresh salsa that looks as good as it tastes.

Sweet and savory, cheesy and crunchy, this bruschetta is a sure crowd pleaser!

Nachos can now be served delightfully sweet with this recipe that features lightly baked flour tortillas, fresh strawberries, amaretto, cinnamon sugar, and even a little chocolate.

Rich colors and fresh ingredients are the star of this healthful, tasty and chef inspired tostada.