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A great recipe from the Northwest

This moist flavorful steak dish will be a hit at any dinner party.
A creative non-traditional way to serve steak.  You will serve a juicy succulant steak sure to satisfy all.  By simply slow simmering in a home made BBQ sauce.
Serve with spicy italian seasoned roasted red potatoes and crisp white wine and thyme sauteed green beans for a meal to remember.

Throw a themed dinner party and whip up a quick pomagranite vinegrette with pomegranite vinegar, dijon mustard, sugar, salt, pepper and canola oil. Serve over salad for a refreshing starter.  While you're at it, why not end the night with a mouth watering pomegranate martini.  You can even soak pomagranite seeds in the vodka or make pomegranite flavored ice cubes.  But don't be scared to add extra sugar to your martini pomegranate schnopps has quite a kick

Some of the most distinctive foods in Italian cooking originated from the Liguria region of Italy.  Of them all, however, Pesto is our favorite.

Its name comes from ‘Pestato’, an Italian word meaning ‘Crushed’; and in this classic recipe from Genova, Basil is crushed with cheeses, pine nuts,garlic and olive oil to create our idea of the perfect Pesto.

We have found so many uses for this sauce; we would quickly run out of space listing them.

The recipe, below, is one of our summertime favorites. Simple yet flavorful, we think you’ll love it too.

A Standing Rib Roast and RayLen Vineyards’ 2006 Merlot is a great idea for your holiday meal.

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